Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello, my name is Cody Sandschafer.  I was born in Effingham Illinois in the year 1992 as a cradle Catholic in a small German-Catholic community.  Throughout my whole life I received a Catholic Education but it never felt like there was any depth in my learning when it came to the topic of my faith inside the classroom.  However, God blessed me by placing an influential priest within my life named Fr. Daren Zehnle.  I gave him many grey hairs in high school by not listening to his advice on how to become a better, more loving, Catholic man because my own enslavement to many sins was making my relationship with Christ grow worse every day.  However, through his perseverance and guidance, I found myself discerning into seminary when I was going into my Soph. yr. of college.  This made me trust in God for assistance in letting go of my old lifestyle and putting on a new one in Christ.  Therefore I had to more fully trust in God for my happiness instead of trusting in something other than him which always lead me into deeper sin.   Since then I have defiantly fallen many times but I keep trying to more fully accept God into my life every day.
                The point of this blog is to show some of my personal reflections on the lives and quotes from the Saints as well as the Scriptures.  My hope is that people will look into my relationship and conversation with God and then reflect on their own relationship with God so that we can grow closer to God together.

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